4058) People hate me because they think I do drugs and that’s how I lost weight so fast. People get jealous of me now. I get talked about a lot. Girls hate me, guys want me. I didn’t want this, but at least most people treat me with more respect now. I don’t understand the world we live in and the idea of a person’s weight determining their value? It confuses me and makes me depressed that people are so selfish, they want to look at something nice, it doesn’t matter what someone has to do to get there.

What happened to me?
How did I become so weak?
I’m a mess right now.

Why do I push people away?
Can I just RIP now.

When will the day come when my body dies and my soul will go on forever somewhere else?

I hate how much I’m alone. I hate how sad I am. I hate the way I look. I wish I could be beautiful.
Everyday I think how better off if be if I no longer existed.

3471) Overeating just makes me want to fucking die.


I just don’t want to be at program today or even out of my house for that matter. My body image is so horrible and I look absolutely disgusting…I don’t want anyone to see me and I feel nauseous just thinking about my body. When does this stop. I can’t do it.

I can’t do this anymore.

My friends from pac sun said I look good. Meaning, I’ve gained some weight, you look good.

I wish I could die now. Like just go free.

Fat Friday.

I wish I were pretty.

Sunday and weird dreams

He reminds me of Johnny depp in The secret window.

I miss him.